What kind of innovation is CAFOR supporting?

Innovation in Africa is not a new concept. Human survival requires constant change and adaptation. For most Africans, innovation is a necessity, which enables them to navigate the daily precariousness of life. With African fortunes and prospects looking up and the continent making strides in its efforts to achieve its transformation agenda, there is an urgent need to introduce or intensify the use of science and technologies in traditional innovation.

To successfully realise the African transformation agenda, Governments in Africa must capitalise on the potential of Africa’s youth to accomplish the African transformation agenda. With the changing times, young Africans are now growing up in an increasingly free and fair continent. They are becoming dynamic, forward-looking and best positioned to find innovative solutions to local challenges using science and technology. The conditions must, therefore, be suitable for this.

There is also the overarching question of how innovations in science and technology can be used to build on the momentum of economic growth in Africa and to elicit ideas on how a change in technology can harness the potential of African youth to advance the African development agenda and to stem steadily rising youth unemployment rates.