Collective Impact: Transforming Higher Education in Africa

Education practice, quality and relevance are at increasing risk of falling behind the needs of rapid economic adjustments and demand. Profoundly transformative adaptations require reform of the university, in some cases, while others commit to training of its teachers as central to the education ecosystem’s ability to support knowledge production and skills development. What insights can the university administration and supporting stakeholders provide other vice-chancellors in addressing ever-changing demands? What is the responsibility of academic institutions to respond to economic drivers and partner with the private sector in this process?


Moderator: Lawalley Cole, Executive Director Coalition on Media and Education for Development Africa Forum

Himdat Bayusuf, Team Leader, World Bank

Dr. Saliou Touré, President, International University Grand Bassam

Beatrice Muganda, Director of Higher Education, Partnership for African Social and Governance Reasearch

Aka Ange Khevine, Masters Student at INP-HB