Recommendations made during the Early Childhood Education and Development (ECED) Cluster Technical Meeting in Mauritius

1- Prioritise ECED in line with National commitments to CESA and SDG 4;
2- Ensure sound ECED policy in alignment with overall education development and overall care and nurture of children;
3- Establish multi-sectoral National Technical Working groups on Early Childhood;
4- Champion the work of the cluster at the highest political levels;
5- Prioritize effective planning and allocation of resources for sustainable programming, while taking advantage of local contexts and financing;
6- Strengthen Education Management Information Systems that include ECED, and mainstream data collection for knowledge-based planning and management;
7- Prioritise the establishment of a professional ECED Workforce and better working conditions for the ECDE workforce;
8- Harnessing digital and emerging knowledge and technology to ensure innovation in ECED.