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Who we are?

The Coalition on Media and Education for Development Africa Forum (CAFOR) is first and foremost a forum with various organizations, experts and individuals who are committed to ensuring that education systems in Africa are relevant to young Africans with newly acquired skills that correspond with what obtains in the labour market within the African continent

. The primary reason for forming, joining or building this coalition is to gain maximum influence and potential that an individual organization would otherwise not be able to have. The Coalition will achieve this impression through the following means:

•    Having the Coalition owned by its members;
•    Combining resources and working together and having the groups or parties accomplish more along than they would work on their own;
•    Leadership becomes a shared activity;
•    Accountability shifts from strictly individual to both individual and collective ;
•    The team develops its purpose and mission;
•    Problem-solving becomes a way of life, not a part-time exercise; and
•    Measure effectiveness through the group’s combined outcomes and products.